We aim to provide quality and the best service possible but we understand that you this shouldn’t mean you have to break the bank.  We make sure we are totally transparent regarding our rates and all invoices we provide will show a breakdown off all expenses in each area of the job.

Monday – Friday

8AM - 4.30PM           £120
4.30PM - 6PM           £130
6PM - 8PM                £140
8PM – MIDNIGHT     £150
MIDNIGHT - 8AM      £160

8AM – 4.30PM           £130

ALL DAY                    £140

London and Central London
For London services please add £10 to the charges above.  For central London services (within the congestion zone) Please add £20 to the above charges.  Please note that these prices exclude VAT.  All services include 90 minutes labour.  After that services will be charged at £45 per half hour.

Below is a list that will give you an indication of how long our engineers will take to fix your problem.  This is based on our previous experience.

Gas Hob Installation                            2 hours
Kitchen Sink fitting                              2/3 hours
Sink / Radiator/Toilet Replacements    2 hours
Dishwasher fitting                                1 hour
Boilers Repairs                                   2/3 hours
Blocked toilet or Sink                          1 hour
Blocked  Bath/Shower                         2 hour